Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Since 1948, sensitive applications requiring clean, dry, compressed air have turned to Hankison for the optimal solution. Utilizing twin towers filled with premium grade activated alumina, Hankison Heatless regenerative desiccant dryers are available with 3 application specific control systems to meet the needs of industry with economy and performance.

Hankison HHS, HHL or HHE Series heatless desiccant dryers provide consistent outlet pressure dew points to -100°F (73°C).

Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers, Hankison Dryer. SPX Dryer.
heated blower purge regenerative desiccant dryer

Heated Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

HBP Series blower purge regenerative dryers are economical & reliable.

HBP Series dryers improve air system efficiency by the use of a dedicated axial blower, instead of a percentage of dehydrated purge air, to regenerate the off-line desiccant tower. ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°F/-40°C) dew point performance is guaranteed.

HBP Series compressed air dryers will produce the design dew point while operating continuously at maximum rated flow (100% duty cycle) at CAGI ADF 200 inlet standards of 100°F inlet temperature and 100% relative humidity at 100 psig.

Blower Purge Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

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Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

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