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Energy Efficiency

Increase Energy Savings With Compressors For Manufacturing

Energy efficiency has been a rising trend in North America due to the increasing energy costs and the environmental concerns caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

In numerous industrial plants, the compressed air system is one of the largest energy consumers, accounting for as much as 40% of the total electricity bill.

The energy cost represents as much as 70% of the total lifecycle cost (LCC) of the compressor. That is why improving the energy efficiency of a compressed air installation can save a lot of money for your company.

How Are You Able To Save Energy?

Reduce Unloaded Operating Hours

Air demand in an industrial compressed air system typically fluctuates. If left running after hours or unevaluated, they can use as much as 25% of full load energy in part-load condition. Lower periods of production can be some of the most inefficient times of operation for the air compressors as they are oversized for these periods.

Eliminate air leaks

In our experience, older compressed air systems leak between 10% – 50% of the total compressed air consumption.

A ½ inch air leak wastes approximately 42,000 kWh of wasted energy per year. Semi-annual leak detection can keep compressed air costs under control. Rising leak loads will eventually bring back-up compressors online.

Reduce the pressure band

Reducing the pressure effectively decreases energy consumption. For every 5psi decrease in pressure, energy consumption is lowered by upwards of 3%. Decreasing air pressure also reduces the influence of leaks as the rate is lessened by the lower pressure.

Energy Recovery

Nearly 50% of all industrial processes include the usage of hot water or steam. Energy recovery units can cut back both fuel and maintenance costs of alternative equipment. The by-product of air compressor heat accounts for almost 90% of the energy that is required by the machine. Our heat recovery systems can utilize the heat in the compressor oil through plate exchangers to heat water for any process.

Upgrade to new technology

Installing a new VSD compressor is a guaranteed path to energy savings.

Upgrading your old compressor with the Atlas Copco controller will enable you to take advantage of the most advanced scheduling management.

Energy Efficiency Brochures

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Energy Optimization

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