Industrial Air Filtration

The Compressed Air Purity and Quality You Require

A typical compressed air system is contaminated with abrasive solid particles such as dust, dirt, rust and pipe scale, compressor lubricants (mineral or synthetic), condensed water droplets and acidic condensates and oil and hydrocarbon vapours. If not removed, these contaminants increase pneumatic equipment maintenance costs, lead to instrument and control failure, contribute to poor product fit and finish and contaminate processes. Utilizing a sophisticated industrial air filtration setup will give you the air purity and quality you need.

The right Hankison filter or filter system will remove these contaminants allowing your compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required by your application… whether it’s plant air, instrument air, or medical air…helping to ensure consistent output quality while minimizing operating costs.

A choice of seven-element grades allows you to design a system that delivers the air quality you require:

-Grade 11 – Moisture separator
-Grade 9 – Separator/filter
-Grade 7 – General purpose airline filter
-Grade 6 – Dry particulate airline filter
-Grade 5 – High-efficiency oil removal filter
-Grade 3 – Ultra high-efficiency oil removal filter
-Grade 1 – Oil vapour removal filter

Hankison Filter Features:

-Push-on elements make element replacement easy
-Piston type element to housing seal keeps unfiltered air from by-passing element
-Corrosion-resistant cores-stainless steel for added structural integrity
-Low resistance to flow-seam welded for extra strength
-New “matrix blended fiber” media-large, effective surface area-improves capture rate

-Ensures high efficiencies-large open area minimizes pressure drop
-Coated, closed cell foam sleeve – resists chemical attack from oils and acids
-High efficiencies by preventing re-entrainment of coalesced liquids
-Chemically resistant end caps bound to media with specially formulated adhesive
-Silicone free
-Withstands temperatures to 150°F (66°C)
-Low resistance to flow

Mist Eliminators – M Series

Industrial Air Filtration mist eliminators

Energy Saving Compressed Air Filters

Industrial Air Filtration energy saving compressed air filters

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