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Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors

Atlas Copco Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors

No matter the conditions, our ZR and ZT oil free compressors produce certified oil-free air that protects all your critical processes and products. The difference? The ZR is water-cooled, the ZT is air-cooled. With pressure levels ranging from 3.5 up to 13 bar, we maximize your energy savings with a choice of rotary tooth or screw technologies.

ZR and ZT rotary screw and tooth oil-free air compressors are available as full feature package with:

-Integrated dryer for reduced installation space
-Variable speed drive (VSD) to minimize your energy costs

Atlas Copco oil free compressors

Oil-Free Products For Your Company

Our oil free products include rotary screw, scroll, tooth, and piston compressors to meet any criteria or design (ISO 8573-1 CLAAS 0 certified). These are the types of industries we service:


High quality paint finishes, smooth running processes, better health

Food and Beverage

Healthy, better tasting high-quality end products


Increased product purity, better processes, less waste, increased safety


Uninterrupted control systems and maintenance of the ultra-clean conditions essential to high product quality

Oil and Gas

Trouble-free control systems and processes, upgraded safety, security and a higher quality end product 


More efficient production, reduced repair and maintenance costs, improved textile quality, less wastage 


Pure products, reducing contamination risks, more efficient processes, decreased waste

Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor Brochures

Dental Air LFx/LF/SF

Atlas Copco oil free compressors dental air

SF 1-6/ SF 2-22

Atlas Copco oil free compressors scroll compressors

ZR 90-160 VSD+ (FF)

oil free rotary screw compressors

ZR/ZT 55-90 (FF VSD)

oil free rotary screw compressors from CFM

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