Energy Efficient Flex Air Dryers

The FLEX Advantage – Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

Energy Efficient Flex Air Dryer Series are designed with 4-in-1 heat exchangers (patent pending). Along with a phase change material (PCM) encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits. Serving as a highly effective reservoir for thermal storage.

The PCM possesses high latent heat properties which enables it to melt or freeze at a constant temperature. The phase change material will absorb heat from warm, moisture laden compressed air without a significant rise in temperature.

The phase change material stays colder for longer periods of time. Cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy saving designs.

Energy Efficient Flex Air Dryer SPX Flow
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SPX FLOW is a place where innovation is constant, and the real world needs of our customers are understood. We transform market inspired ideas into actioned solutions enabling our global customers to meet their sustainability goals, and thrive in a complex, ever-changing marketplace.

Utilizing the latest advancements in heat transfer technology, FLEX Series refrigerated air dryers offer an innovative approach to efficiently remove liquid contamination from compressed air.

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