Air Compressor Installation

When you purchase a new Industrial Air Compressor from us, we make it an easy and stress-free experience. Our servicing doesn’t end with the delivery of your new equipment. If you like, we’d be happy to assist with the installation of you Compressed Air system. We can even help rearrange your work space to improve efficiencies.

At CFM, we are a complete turnkey installation company for all your Industrial Compressed Air service needs. We provide a full range of Servicing and Maintenance for your Compressed Air systems, starting with the initial Compressed Air Audit.

Air Compressor Installation BlueprintWe can help you determine the size of Air Compressor you’ll need and provide drawings in Auto CAD and PDF to show you how the new system or equipment will tie into your premises. We will also supply the movers, plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals needed to complete the job. We also provide the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to complete the project in an efficient manner.

To discover more about how CFM can help with the Compressor installation of your new Compressed Air system, or how we can deliver Servicing and Maintenance on your existing system, contact us today to book an appointment.

Air Compressor Installation AutoCAD