Rotary Screw Compressor

Compressors For Manufacturing Inc. is a supplier of Atlas Copco Air Compressors.  These compressors can be supplied as a Fixed-Speed unit or Variable Speed unit with an Air Dryer integrated into the cabinet to save on installation costs and floor space.  Along with space saving design, Atlas Copco supplies the worlds most energy efficient compressors along with the best warranty in the business.  We can work with your company to identify the best compressor option for energy savings and show you how to work with the Hydro Companies to receive substantial Rebates.

The following compressors are available:

GA 11+-30/GA 15-30 VSD/Installed motor power:15 – 35 HP/33.7 – 191 cfm

GA 30+-90 / GA 37-90 VSD/30-90 kW / 40-125 hp/209 – 519 cfm

 GA 90+-160+ / GA 110-160 VSD/90-160 kW / 125-200 hp/ 640 – 1006 cfm

GA 200-500 (VSD)/200-500 kW / 268-670 hp/447 – 3217 cfm

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