Industrial Air Dryers

An Industrial Air Dryer is a device for removing vapour from an Air Compressor.  Excessive water in compressed air in either liquid or vapour can cause a variety of problems for compressed air such as freezing of outdoor lines, corrosion in piping and equipment, malfunctioning of control instruments and fouling of processes.  Desiccant Dryers and Refrigerated Dryers are two various types of dryers characterized typically by their dew point.

Water vapour is removed from compressed air to prevent condensation from occurring and to prevent moisture from interfering in sensitive industrial processes.

We are a proud supplier of Hankison Air Purification Equipment.  Our relationship with Hankison is a great fit because Hankison is a leader when it comes to customer service, quality, energy savings and warranty, parallel to the way we operate and our professional standards.  Hankison has a Load Matching Profile for Sustainable Energy Savings!  For more information on Hankinson products, please visit their website.

A thorough consultation can assist with various options that best suit the needs for your company in its environment and for the environment.  Various dryers will produce desired results.

To find the right Industrial Air Dryer for your facility, we recommend calling our sales and service department for a free consultation visit.