Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial Air Compressors are the devices that convert power in to kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing air.  On command, air can be released in quick bursts.

Choosing the right Industrial Air Compressor relies on several components:  the design and principle of operation; the number of stages needed; the pressure limits; the capacity of air (ie. low, medium or high); and your method of cooling the compressed air.  Compressors are used in several applications.  We believe that trustworthy consultations from our knowledgable sales team will fit your location with the right Industrial Air Compressor, partnered with a suggested preventative maintenance schedule so that your equipment serves you best.

Compressors For Manufacturing Inc. is  a supplier of the Atlas Copco brand Air Compressor.  We can supply any type or size of Rotary Screw Compressor to meet the needs of your business.    There are many other types of Air Compressors that we can offer like Piston Air Compressors, Industrial Portable Air Compressors, Oil Free Compressors and Dental/Medical Air Compressors.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors can be supplied as a Fixed-Speed unit or Variable Speed unit with an Industrial Air Dryer integrated into the cabinet to save on installation costs and floor space. Along with your space saving design, Atlas Copco supplies the worlds most energy efficient compressors and the best warranty in the Industrial Air Compressor business. We work with your company to identify the best Air Compressor option for energy savings and assist you with Hydro Companies to receive substantial Rebates.

We also supply Champion Piston Air Compressors. These Air Compressors come with  great standard parts, labour warranty and are built in Mississauga Ontario. With quick delivery of one week on standard units and supply of all accessories such as tank drains, starters and heavy duty intake filters, this is a great option.

We also suggest the Atlas Copco Oil-Free Air Compressors. These small oil-free Piston Air Compressor units and larger Scroll Air Compressors are a great solution in the Manufacturing industry with the increasing costs of various Air Compressor Oil. We proudly offer various options to best fit within your budget and Air Compressor needs.

For all the dentists and other medical professionals in need of new solutions in their modern and busy offices, we offer various Dental and Medical Air Compressors. These Oil-Free Air Compressors are quiet, reliable and compact to fit in to any space.

We welcome the opportunity to give you free quotes on these Air Compressors.